Welcome doPDF Users!

We know you like doPDF and we're sure you'll love novaPDF. While it has many additional features that doPDF lacks, novaPDF can be downloaded and installed without affecting your doPDF installation. This means that if you won't like it, you'll be able to uninstall it and continue using doPDF.

novaPDF has a free 30-day trial. The only difference between the licensed and non-licensed version of novaPDF is a footer notice added at the end of the PDF. That footer notice isn't added anymore if you pay and activate novaPDF. You can get a special 20% discount when you switch to novaPDF.

Feature comparison: doPDF vs novaPDF Pro (20% discount)

doPDFnovaPDF Professional
Features doPDF novaPDF Professional
Price Free $39.99
(includes a 20% discount)
Create and manage predefined page sizes No Yes
Compress/Downsample text and graphics No Yes
"Embed all fonts" and "Always/never embed" list of fonts No Yes
Encrypt PDF files (AES, 40-bit and 128-bit) No Yes
Add password protection (user, owner) No Yes
Sign PDF files (using digital signatures) No Yes
Detect URLs/local files and convert to PDF links No Yes
Add PDF Bookmarks No Yes
Insert text/image PDF watermarks No Yes
Overlay PDF files No Yes
Automatically send PDF via email No Yes
Private and Public Profiles No Yes
Choose PDF Version (1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6) No Yes

novaPDF Discount

As a doPDF user you are entitled to a 20% discount for novaPDF Professional. In order to obtain this discount you only have to click on the following link and continue the checkout process: novaPDF Discount (20% off).

If you have any questions regarding this email us at info@novapdf.com and we will reply shortly.